Monday, July 16, 2012

Teavana Experience (A first time!)

Hello blogworld! Pardon for living under the rock for...what... 2 or so months? Well that is just embarrassing lol. Ive missed blogging so much,why can't I keep up with this?

Today I just want to share with you guys a haul. (Wow...its been hella a while I blogged about a haul,lol) Its not makeup related,but it is something Im very excited about and its from Teavana :)

This weekend,the ladies in my family decided to go to St. Louis for some R&R time.My mom
is a shop freak so we have to go to a shopping area.We found this place called the St. Louis Galleria which is humongous indoor mall.

So we were just walking around until some really overly friendly guy came up to us and started offering free samples of tea.Looked up and realized it was Teavana. I knew about Teavana for awhile and have been wanting to try it for a longest time.I was actually quite excited to know we are going to have a Teavan store in my tiny town! Since he practically lured us already regarding their product,we decided to go inside and checked out their products.

Little did I know,came out of the store and got stuff I never expected to buy! Not only that,it kinda did hurt my erase DID hurt my wallet. $217..gone. I kid you not.Now,I dont know if I should be happy or sad after that.

Here are the items that I got:

As much as I was kinda sad bout being over the budget,I am excited to try these out.And no,Teavana is not really that expensive.Its just that one particular tea I got that robbed me and decided to get the half a lbs lol. Wtf Joanna,carried away.

Btw,if you are not familiar with Teavana, they sell loose teas. So its really recommended you buy the airtight tin cans so your tea last a long time! The tin cans that I got are the half a lbs size one,and cost $6 each :)

First thing I got is a mixture of the Blueberry Bliss tea and Pineapple Kona Pop tea. This is actually one of the million samples we had tried from the store and its LOVE!!! When the SA is telling you about the different types of teas,they show you the product and "fan" it off you so you can smell the aroma...this one is a killer! Very fruity and sweet smelling! It is better served chill,it almost taste like a tart-ish kool-aid. Mmmmmm...I love to have one right now! We filled the whole 1/2 lbs can :)

Next one is quite interesting and its their "blooming tea" and I got the Strawberry Misaki. Ive never heard of blooming tea until now and boy,its so fascinating!

It comes in "bud" forms,you dropped it the hot water and watch it "bloom" right in front of your eyes! You can google image "blooming tea" to see what Im talking about,better yet youtube it! Can't wait to try this one!

Last but not least is the item that got me having second thoughts. Its the Monkey Picked Oolong Tea and its said to be one of the rarest tea out there! Given that its rare,the price is ridiculously expensive...2 ounce for $25. Yup...25 bucks for a freaking 2 oz of loose tea that monkeys probably didnt even picked themselves. (Duh,of course not. Its just a name by legend that monks had trained monkeys to picked these) And you know whats more that I bought it.Not only that,I decided to fill out the whole half a lbs tin can...which lead me to spend a whopping $103 over one particular tea!! What was I thinking?!?!Im not going to lie...I got talked into it.Apparently the leaves can be used up to 5x so I guess it aint bad.Plus,just looked up the benefits of oolong tea and it sounds promising. Here I am,crossing my fingers,hoping that this indeed is worth the money i paid for!

Yeah,this should last me awhile.

Last but not least,I got myself a
16 oz,portable glass tumbler with a strainer on top.

Love the packaging and the silk interior from the box! The tumbler is quite heavy (its double glass)but its convenient to take around.Also got the measuring spoon to complete my set!

So has any of you guys tried Teavana before? What do you guys think? What would you recommend?


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