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Current Skincare Products :)

Hello Beautiful People!

I just want to share with you guys my current Skincare routine. If any of you are interested on reading an old skincare routine blog post  of mine, click here.

For those of you who don't know me quite well, I suffered from horrible acne breakouts 3-4 years ago. It must have been the combination of nursing school stress + makeup addiction + harsh skincare products. I'm glad to say my skin has improved tremendously since then, still far from perfect but it has definitely been more calmer than how it was.

Some of the products I'm going to share with you guys are products I've been using for a long time now and considered my favorite/HG products, some are just recent try outs and so far liking it.

Let's get rolllllinn :)

 The whole Shebang Gang

1) The Makeup Removers

 For my face makeup, I like to use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. It does pretty good job in taking off foundation/blush without drying my skin at all. My my eye makeup, I love to use the Clinique Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent and this is one of my HG product! This is probably my 4th bottle already lol. I can not stand oil-based makeup removers because I hate the greasy feeling, makes me feel my make-up is not completely off. This makeup remover is completely solvent, no greasy feeling and it does a good job getting rid of my eye makeup! It does not sting at all, and doesn't dry my eyes. The only thing I don't like about it is how expensive it is and how quickly I ran out of this! I wish their is a cheaper alternative one that comes in with almost the same formulation. If anybody knows, please let me know!

2) The Cleanser/Exfoliator

I was first introduced to Laneige by my friend Rina. Since then, I am completely HOOKED! I've been using the Laneige Multi Cleanser for almost 2 years now and this is got to be the best cleanser I've ever used. The first week I used it, I fell in love with it that I bought 2 back ups right away lol. I am currently squeezing the sh*t out of my third container. This cleanser is truly multi-purpose; Not only does it remove makeup but it also has this super micro beads that are made out of enzymes that exfoliates your skin leaving it super squeaky clean. I don't use this on my eyes as much because like I said, it has these tiny micro beads and I don't want to end up "exfoliating" my eyes lol.I have combination/sensitive skin and this one just works wonderful for me. I usually just use this at night or by the end of the day, using this more than 2x a day could dry your skin so I suggest using a very good moisturizer afterwards.

I am currently trying a new exfoliator and everytime I go to Sephora, the SAs always suggest this product to me which is the REN Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Polish for sensitive skin. I've only used it twice and so far I like it. I like it has a minty scent to it, makes you feel super clean after. REN is one of the natural products that Sephora is carrying, haven't really heard of it before but I hope this works just fine for me in the long run.

 New packaging for the multi cleanser, if you are interested to know.

3) The Moisturizers

 At night I used the CeraVe Facial Moisturizing lotion PM. I've been using this for quite some time now and I love it. It has hyaluronic acid, which I've been hearing a lot lately in the skincare/beauty world, and that it helps hydrates and restore the skin. CeraVe products are very gentle, we even use this at my workplace for my patients. Another recent product try out for me is the IOPE Brightgen Luminous Emulsion. Original I was going to get the Laneige White Plus Renew Emulsion but they don't have one in stock, so the SA at Amore recommended this one and claimed this being better than the Laneige one. I have not tried any IOPE products before (even though I have the cleanser, I am just scared to drift away from my multi cleanser :[ ) and I am hoping to see some difference in the long run. So far so good...I used this in the morning mostly. I've been stuck with Hope In a Jar for a long time that it was hard for me to venture out when it comes to moisturizers. 

Last but definitely not least, one of my favorite skincare product is the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX. I went through that asian beauty masks phase during my makeup/skincare obsession, but since my friend Rina recommended this product again, I could hardly go back to using masks again for that intensive moisturized skin feel. (I still do once in a while,but not as much as before) Skin using this,I feel like my skin is no longer "thirsty". Its water based which is very nice, and it leaves your skin feel super soft the next morning after you wash it off. I use this 2-3x a week, love it!

4) The Toner/Refiner

I use the Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner Light. I noticed most Laneige refiners (or toners) come in with a more serum/gel like formulation (which I am not a fan of) and this is probably the only one that comes off as liquid/watery of all of them (correct me if I am wrong) I love how this one is just really gentle. Its not drying unlike other toners out in the market, this one is just perfect. I honestly don't know the difference between the regular Power Essential Refiner (mine is the light one) but perhaps this one works better for sensitive skin I assumed. I also like the packaging, it looks like glass but its just a very hard plastic. And I love how the opening is super small that you don't accidentally overuse a lot of product!

 5) Miscellaneous

 I am not really big into the whole SPF thing before, just because I don't like how it leaves a white cast especially on the pictures. But its really important to take care of your skin while it's at its primest. I use the Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream with SPF 55. Yes,55. I think if you have super oily skin especially during the summer, you will love this. Its not a super thick formula but its a not easy to blend either, but what I love about this is that it dries out matte and stays for a long time. It's water resistant and it doesn't have that stinky sunscreen scent to it. Although it might still leave some white cast on my face, I still love this because it works for me. My skin doesnt clog with this, I didn't get any breakout whatsoever. Even my boyfriend used this one time and didn't complained about the scent when we watched the Giants at AT&Tpark. Last but not least is my all time favorite spot treatment. I used Origins Super Spot Remover since 2007 and has been my favorite spot treatment of all time. I've used other gel spot treatment and I just kept coming back to this. It works instantly and it might sting your zit but thats a sign its doing its job lol. Love it!

Pardon for the long post,I hope this helps some of you who wants opinion regarding the products/items mentioned above!

What is your current Skincare Routine?


FTC Disclaimer: Products mentioned are purchased by my own money. I am not affiliated with the company featured on this post.Opinions based on experience and are honest.

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