Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football Is Back! (And a 49ers inspired Make-up Look)

Hello blogsphere! I am back again after 2 months of living under the rock. I need to get use to blogging with my phone as it has become my very own CPU/laptop...and I get to do it anywhere!

For those interested to know what Ive been up to lately...Ive been on Instagram a lot. Its just a lot easier and fun way to check what people are up to via their pictures VS social medias such as Facebook and Twitter where there's so much drama with ignorant and attention seeking people. My Instagram name is Jbreezybaby24 :) Dont be shy to add me up!

Being a huge football fan, I couldnt be more excited that the season has officially started today! So egggggscited,when I was bored out of my mind yesterday, I decided to create an inspired look for the one of the two teams Im rooting for...Da Bears and the 49ers!!!

Niners baby!!!!Its all about the RED and GOLD. Even though Ive been a Bears fan for awhile,Ive grown to love this team. Yes...its the BF's influence since he has been a niners fan since utero, but I stood by this team for 5 years now when they were struggling and having all the drama with their coaches. At least Im no bandwagonner.

It was quite a challenge to create a makeup look using a red color eyeshadow. So I kinda mixed it with a somewhat maroon-ish e/s color so it looks a bit more flattering on my skin tone and the looks more wearable. (Pardon the picture. I used my phone to take this,couldnt find my camera. Yes,it doesnt do justice.)

Ive used drugstore products to create this look! (except for my face foundation,which is MUFE)
If you have any questions regarding these products please leave me some comments down below. Dont feel like getting into it one by one,but Im more than happy to answer any questions regarding products used above! :)

Are you excited for Football? Which team are you rooting for?

Besos! 💋

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