Friday, September 21, 2012

Jbreezy, What Are You Up To Lately?

Hello Blogsphere :)

This is weird.I am not going to lie... this whole blogger setting is a complete foreign to me. This tells me long I haven't blogged :/

I want to get into blogging again. I have been to Instagram a lot lately, a LOT. And I had a small conversation with a few bloggers that I have known for awhile and we pretty much enabled each other to get back to this business. 

So why exactly am I not blogging that much as I used to? At some point it was because I was caught on life... nursing school, graduated, had a job etc. But then really as I've settled down with a rather stable routine, I felt like Id rather do other things than blogging. In other words..... I got lazy, bored. There I said it... I felt there is really nothing to blog. I started this whole blog as a beauty blog, and I have gotten little to no interest in cosmetic in a couple of months. I mean I'd buy what I felt I need, but never dive much into it, or followed/updated myself on what's out there. 

I was at some point close to closing this blog. *cringe* I know, but something tells me to keep it, no matter how I completely neglected it. I'm sooo sorry blog.

Please be patient with me. I will do this gradually... won't promise anything. But I am here to stay :)



Freakin addict. Lol. I mean its a bit more simplier to handle. Take a photo, put caption, upload. If you want a nutshell of what I've been to lately, Instagram is the way to stalk me. 
Username: Jbreezybaby24

2) Working/Saving

So for those of you who have been following me since 2009 (dang... its been awhile), you know my journey from nursing school to becoming an RN (And thank you guys, really thank you) I've been working for 2 years now and I do love my job. Hella stressful, but love it. I work for a skilled facility that takes care of individual in the profound level of mental retardation... its  a different kind of field, a very special one indeed. As much as I want to be in this setting for a long time, I am still looking forward to a hospital setting eventually. I am currently trying (emphasis on TRYING lol)to save money to a)move out b)go back to school. Here's to hoping by 2013 I'm out off Illinois and off to California :)

3)Plateauing in my weightloss

As some of you might know, I started my weightloss journey somewhere October 2011 (click here to read post) Fortunately, I haven't gained a significant weight.Unfortunately, its been really hard to get into that couple more pounds of fat off. Yes, I have been bad when it comes to my eating habits as well as being inconsistent with my workout...but I gotta get back into that mindset I had last year. 

If you want to know more about my story, the website "I put a fork down" featured my story! Click here or picture below for the reads.


So that's about it for now people. Hope this is a good start to blog again soon.



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