Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Haul From Sephora (40% everything!)

Hello Bloggies :)

So I passed by Sephora yesterday and saw that Tarina Tarantino is having a 40% off sale! Apparently they're leaving Sephora, not sure if they're selling somewhere or completely discontinuing their makeup line but all I know is I had to get a hand of their stuff.

Kinda went a lil YOLO there, but the products look promising.

The packaging are too cute!

 I got 2 quads (Jewel Shadow Palette) in Delightful (top left) and Fantastical (top right)
Also got the Dollskin Cream Blush & Pressed Sparklicity Duo in Coral Cameo (bottom left) and the Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Amber/Elektron. The eyeshadow texture is soft and velvety.

Also picked up the Eye Dream Hyperliner in Crystal Gun (far left), Gem Gloss in Bobby Pin(middle), and Conditioning Lip Sheen in Pink Elephant (far right)

Hurry and stop by Sephora anytime soon and take advantage of this deal!

Enjoy your weekend bloggies!


FTC disclaimer: All items purchased by my own money.I am not affiliated with the company featured on this post.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How I Lighten My Eyebrows + Simple Fall OOTDs

Hello Blogworld!

I just want to share with you guys how I lighten up my brow color.

They have this saying that if you have blonde hair, your brow color should be 3 shades darker than your hair color, and if you have a dark hair color, your brows should be 3 shades lighter than your hair color. My hair is light,warm brown at the moment and what I want to do is to at least lighten the darkness of my brows (I have a natural black hair,obviously) so it will be least a bit more natural looking on my overall facial appearance. You don't have to necessarily follow this rule, its whatever floats your boat ya know ;)

How I Lighten My Eyebrows

I used the Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach for Face. Got mine from Target for around $5-$6

 Before: Le Black Brows

Here are what's included in the box.

How I do em:

1) First off, I clean my brows by washing my face with cold water. Prior to bleaching, I make sure I don't tweeze,shave,thread, or wax my brows for at least 24 hours. Why? Cuz you will feel some burn trust me.
 2) Take your spatula,scoop a heaping full of Creme Hair Bleach Activator and put it on the mixing tray. I actually don't use the mixing tray, I used a small measuring cup to keep all the goodies inside and not splatting out all over the place.
3) Clean your spatula, then take 2 heaping full of bleach cream. 


4) Mix everything  

 5) Apply product to brows. Make sure to evenly apply them,coating every single strand ;)
6) Wait for 6-8 minutes. Check halfway thru the time if bleach is working.For some people it takes no time to bleach their brow hair, mine takes a while so I go wait for 8 minutes.
7) Take wet cotton pad wipe off product

After: Lighter Brows :)



Simple Fall OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day)

Fall is just around the corner! Here are my recent fall OOTDs

I love pulldown shirts! So comfy and can be layered with tank top inside to keep ya warm :) Taking my loafers out as much as I can before the snow hit us!

 Scarf by H&M, Pulldown shirt from F21, jeans from Wet Seal, Loafers from Topshop, Purse by Louis Vuitton.

 Been sporting a lot of top bun lately :)

 The other day, the weather was just perfect! Bumped up again around 69 degree with some cool breeze! You can never go wrong with leather jackets! And I love this top that has a loose,long ribbon tie that instantly becomes an accessory on its own.

Leather jacket from Charlotte Russe, Top from F21, Jeans from Express, Boots from Shoedazzle, Purse by Louis Vuitton, Shades by Gucci.

Bokeh'd :) I swear this is a candid shot.

Enjoy the rest of this weekend you guys!


FTC Disclaimer: I am not affiliated on the products/company featured on this blog post. All items purchased with my own money. Opinions are honest.